New Year’s Eve: The ultimate destination list

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Hey guys! This is the final article I am writing for 2016…because the year is just over. This hasn’t really sunk in yet, to be honest. Anyway, we are going to touch upon one of the hottest topics for December, and that is: Where should I celebrate New Year’s Eve? I know it’s the 31st today, so obviously you got that figured out, but I decided we can make a list of the best destinations for the occasion, since New Year’s Eve happens once a year, so making memorable memories counts! Feel free to add to my list in the comments here or on Instagram!

  1. Maldives

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A tropical celebration on the beach in the middle of the cold winter – how doesn’t that idea make one jump on their feet? Exactly. Now this personally is a dream of mine, and because I haven’t had the chance to experience it yet, I am hoping someone could draw on their experience to tell me if it is just as fantastic as it sounds! I imagine dancing on the beach without shoes on, holding a fancy cocktail in hand, hearing the waves splash and watching the fireworks in the sky. Yeah, I started daydreaming again…

  1. Dubai, UAE

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This is a popular choice, and this is justifiable. The people in few cities manage to party like the ones in this one – if you are looking for a grand party with plenty of fireworks, creative decorations, exquisite outfits and huge tables full of delicious food, this is the destination for you!

  1. New York City, USA

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Ever heard of the tradition of how many, and I mean many people gather on Times Square to watch the musicians and the famous dropping of the 12-foot-wide crystal ball, which by the way weighs just about 5 000 kg! If this sounds too much for you, you can try watching the fireworks flying to the sky at midnight on Liberty Island!

  1. Sydney, Australia

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In this fascinating city, you can actually get to watch fireworks twice! Once at 9 pm and then again at 12 pm to welcome the New Year. The amazing element though is the waterfront show, where you can enjoy the view of acrobatics in the air! Also, I am sure you will be impressed by  the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House close by! If you are a dancer by heart like me, the dance party held at Bondi Beach will be perfect for you, too!

  1. Hawaii

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Celebrating in Hawaii… well I guess we are back to my dream of celebrating dancing on the beach! The bars there provide theme nights, fireworks of course, and contests that ensure a really fun evening and night! Also, boat cruises, which are awesome, are offered, so I would really recommend you try the Hawaii New Year’s experience soon in the future!

Now, tell me, where are you this New Year’s Eve? And, wherever you chose to go, I hope you all get to have the night of your dreams and dive happy and excited into the New Year! May it bring love, luck, happiness and adventure for all! Talk to you then!

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