Magical Things About Taj Exotica, Maldives – Part 2

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Good evening, everyone! Now, as you all remember, a little over a week ago I presented to you the first 5 magical things about the remarkable Maldivian island Taj Exotica! And, additionally, in the end I promised you would see a part 2. So, here it is! 3 more great ideas for you to try once you’re there!


  1. Listen to the lecture of the marine biologist and watch him feed the manta rays

Right next to the place where you can get a boat, a canoe and other water sport equipment, I watched three or four manta rays gather around the lecturer you can see below, as he calmly fed them while we, the observers, stood on a bridge and watched fascinated. The mantas behaved not like mysterious, wild, underwater creatures, but like pets!



  1. Go on a long stroll on the beach and then climb this:

Again, completely barefoot! Whether you go alone or with someone else, this activity is sure to give you a sense of peace. I did that and I felt like I was stranded far from civilization, free to explore the tropical paradise I had come across as well as let my imagination and mind run free. Sometimes I write creative pieces of literature, and the muse for so many came while I was there! Oh, and this absolutely fantastic wooden terrace! Climb it and enjoy the view of the beach and the ocean from above ground level!


  1. Visit the SPA center

I would actually recommend this on every island resort you go to. I had a massage treatment recently, when I went on a weekend in the mountain near the city I live in, and the amount of stress and exhaustion was drastically limited. My shoulders stopped hurting and my head felt lighter. Going to a sauna, massage or any other SPA experience is sure to enhance your mental state during your vacation! The particular center in Taj Exotica is especially professional and good, I have the innate feeling you will like it if you only try!


I hope I inspired you to visit Taj Exotica, Maldives, the small exotic piece of land that will give you big happiness! Now I’m leaving you to daydream (or nightdream, already?) with the reminder to come see more photos from my adventures on Instagram and join me as I experience them! Click the icon right in the upper left corner. Good night!

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