Baros, Maldives: TOP 5 amazing things to experience in paradise

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The Maldives is an archipelago of small tropical coral islands scattered around the turquoise waters of the planet’s warmest ocean – the Indian Ocean. The location is often deservingly referred to as the heaven on Earth, since emotions like happiness and tranquility dominate. One of the best islands that you can visit is Baros, the place that has gifted me with the most remarkable experiences of my life!



Even the time before I visited Baros was memorable, since I thought the pictures of the astonishing underwater world and of the island were photoshopped. I am not even joking! In what other way would photographers manage to capture those intense colors and such incredible amount of golden sunshine?

A holiday there not only relieves the stress, but also inspires unforgettable memories. The opinion I and many others before me had, can be easily justified. The hasty lifestyle we lead in (possibly big and polluted) cities, surrounded by buildings, has made the sense of being connected to nature foreign.

At Baros, nature is all and everything. A vacation there introduces a whole new type of experience. Swimming in the azure lagoon, walking around the island barefoot on sand that feels like flour, and feeling the sunbeams caress your skin gradually makes you relax. You devote time to yourself. And, you become thirsty for many and various ideas for activities.
Fortunately, I am here to give you the best ideas for what to do once you are there.

P.S. While this article centers more on activities, make sure you try the asparagus soup, it is delicious.


  1. Snorkeling (free gear provided by the Marine Centre)

What you need: mask, flippers and snorkel

After eating breakfast, going for a swim by the reef was the first thing I did in the morning. Picture diving underwater and behold corals in every color and nuance you can imagine. Observing big, small and just as colorful fish swimming solo or in flocks, turtles and other ocean creatures! I occasionally saw reef sharks, but some of the staff members had explained that I shouldn’t be afraid, for they rarely reach 1 m in size and are more likely to be scared and swim away rather than attack. Even though I found out about the option of viewing the marine life from a boat with a glass bottom, available at the island, I preferred snorkeling and believe that it is the better choice. The experience of actually being part of the underwater world is astonishing! Plus, you don’t even need to go far away from the beach, the reef is meters away from it.

  1. Visit the lighthouse lounge (cocktails & appetizers available)

A visit to the iconic and unique lighthouse lounge located at Baros is a must in your list. I went in the late afternoon and discovered is the perfect time, as I was able to enjoy the sunset, get a glimpse of reef sharks in the waters below, and savor fresh cocktails and tasty appetizers from way above the island. A few times I saw a fishing boat in the distance, too. The serene atmosphere of the spot is really lovely.

  1. Yoga class in the morning (held in the Palm Garden next to the Sails Bar)

What might be even better than sunbathing on the beach, is engaging in the 3 000 year-old Indian physical and mental practice yoga. I recommend arranging practicing yoga on an isolated sandbank, surrounded only by the ocean, hearing nothing but the waves splashing. Achieving a peaceful state of mind just as the breeze whiffles through your hair and the sun slowly ascends the sky could turn into a magical experience, relieving all the accumulated stress! When I went on such a sandbank I thought it was breathtaking. Carrying nothing, standing on a sandbank just some meters long and wide and seeing only water and small tropical islands makes you feel completely different.

  1. Dinner on Nooma, the wooden sailing dhoni

I am a boat lover by heart, but I think that any one of you would enjoy this opportunity, which is especially amazing for couples. Relishing the sunset and tasting the delicious meals prepared and served for you by the affable crew under the sky and not a roof is a very romantic experience. A private lounge, bedroom and bathroom are also available on board. The price per couple is $975, but if you decide that you do not wish to invest that amount of money, the secluded sandbank dining and the Piano Deck dining are also options available for $695 and $595 respectively.

  1. Marine biologist lecture

Are you interested in the future of the Maldivian marine world? Do you desire to learn more about awareness programs concerning reef damage and certain ocean creatures? Or are you interested in the ocean residents around the island and the whole atoll? That area is intriguing for me and so I spent about an hour listening to the lecture of the visiting marine biologist. I got answers to all of my questions regarding the topic and gained new knowledge!


Enjoy Baros, Maldives and feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the place or share your experience if you have been there! Also, don’t forget to check out more pictures on my Instagram!

~ Don’t forget to turn your life into an adventure today! All smiles! ~


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