Aroma, aroma, what are you?

Hello there! Before I get started on today’s read for you (and write for me), let me say welcome to the first beauty article in honor of March Beauty Month. And, of course, let me tell you what that is. Throughout this whole month, I will be posting a lot of articles covering only beauty topics – about perfumes, lipsticks/lipglosses and nail polishes of some of my favorite brands. So, be prepared to look and feel even better about yourself in April (after all you’ll have read plenty to ensure that happens), just for the dawn of the spring season! Finally.

Today, the topic is Perfumes part I. I will present to you three perfumes that I love for different occasions and moods! I will also “dissect” them so that we can examine what they consist of and how the ingredients make the perfume!

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Tropically: Seychelles

Quick point: Many more breathtaking photos on Instagram!

Hi, all! Now before we get on with the interesting stuff – today, about the amazing Seychelles, located in the waters of the warm Indian Ocean, let me say I’m really glad to be back! This is the first article I write in 2017, but PLENTY of them are coming up. As you might have heard, MARCH IS GOING TO BE BEAUTY MONTH, so get excited!

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Atmosphere Kanifushi, Maldives: Exploring above and below surface

Quick point: More pictures to come on my Instagram!

Looking at it from numerous angles, the Maldives is one of the best travel destinations for me. Visiting Atmosphere Kanifushi was splendid and with a hand on my heart I can say it was the greatest thing that I have experienced in 2016 so far. Secluded from the rest of the world and providing tranquility, but still offering some intriguing activities for the people of action, this place is seriously awesome!

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