Tropically: Seychelles

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Hi, all! Now before we get on with the interesting stuff – today, about the amazing Seychelles, located in the waters of the warm Indian Ocean, let me say I’m really glad to be back! This is the first article I write in 2017, but PLENTY of them are coming up. As you might have heard, MARCH IS GOING TO BE BEAUTY MONTH, so get excited!

Now, to get on with what you (and I, to be honest) have been waiting for! A small Seychelles bucket list! And don’t forget to go all the way down to hear two super interesting facts!

I’ll tell you the things you should make sure not to miss if you ever find yourself on these beautiful islands, but we can safely skip the basics – sunbathing and swimming/snorkeling, typical for any tropical island paradise experience. Let’s note though that in this case basic does not equal boring. Not at all. But, if together with that, you complete this little Seychelles bucket list, I guarantee you will have a truly memorable stay!

  1. Explore the island
    While the Earth isn’t short of fascinating tropical islands, not all of them share the same lush vegetation that the Seychelles offer. So if you’ve been yearning for a jungle-like walk, this might just suit you perfectly

  1. Take pictures
    Grab some colorful bikini before you depart for this exotic destination and a photographer (well, at least that’s what the person you’re travelling with will feel like) and have them take pictures of you! On the beach, in the ocean, around the island – everywhere! With a setting like this, I promise you won’t even need a patient photographer, simply because every shot will turn out to be awesome! And, take my advice for it, color often makes the picture, which is why I included the “colorful bikini” part. Black and white are also included, as they could also contrast nicely with the other colors of the pictures – I recommend an ocean background for them.
  2. Go cycling on La Digue
    Feeling the light warm breeze brush through my face and hair while I was speeding up really gave me a sense of freshness. I mean, let’s face it, cycling in general is très cool, but cycling on a tropical island is a whole different experience, I assure you! If not after the sunbathing, swimming and exploring around, after the cycling you will develop a soft spot for exotic destinations like this, just like I did! 

On a side note, I don’t see what is there not to love about sun, sand, nature, warmth, ocean and underwater life! Exactly.

A few intriguing facts:

  1. The Seychelles are home to Esmeralda, the heaviest land tortoise that is living in the wild, which weighs 304 kilograms… Wow, I wouldn’t personally love to be too close to that thing, haha!
  2. It is believed that pirates used the Seychelles as a place to hide, and Olivier Le Vasseur had a treasure worth 100 000 Euro that remains hidden in the land up to the present!

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