5 Magical Things About Taj Exotica, Maldives

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Hi guys! Well, it’s been a cold week in my hometown, so naturally the way to escape from this late autumn weather is to write an article about a tropical island! However, we must note it is not just some tropical island, but one of the best resorts in the Maldives I have visited. I have traveled a lot and believe me, I took so many things into account before stating this!

Naturally, now you’re wondering what makes Taj Exotica so special, and I am here to tell you!



  1. Amazing client service

Saying this with a capital A! The last day of my holiday at Taj was the 8th of February, the day before my birthday. And imagine my surprise when the butler showed up with a cake and champagne at the villa! It was a complete surprise for me as it wasn’t even my birthday yet and I did not expect that anyone from the administration would notice I had my birthday on the next day, let alone do something about it a day earlier! Well, this incredible gesture surely remained in my mind, as you see, and made a terrific impression. The attention devoted to making the guest, in this case me, happy and content, differentiated the resort from others. Anyway, the service on the whole island was really great. It is not a coincidence that there are multiple sayings concerning how people treat you and why this is so significant. It makes a difference! We can all then try to incorporate this into our lives!

  1. Do: Walk around the whole island

If you haven’t tried this, I do not even recommend, I order you to do so! This is the most connected to nature you could ever feel. It’s only you, your feet and this small piece of land that is yours to explore. You can stop at different places, relax, look at the ocean and the waves splashing…And somehow, you manage to think clearly. Traveling to Taj Exotica can provide you with new viewpoints on so many matters from your life! It is a magical experience, take my word for it.


  1. Do: Jump into the paddle boat and go to the sandbank

There is a small sandbank close to the island which at most times, even when entirely covered with water, is extremely shallow. There, a few currents from different directions meet and create waves that can be so much fun to ride with the paddle boat! Make sure you are wearing your swimsuit, though, because I wasn’t and when the paddle boat almost flipped and I fell, I wasn’t prepared, haha!


  1. Do: Relax on the deck of your villa and on the ocean hammock

Doing so with a gripping book at hand and sun shining above your head is even better than it sounds! Make sure you eat a lot of fruit, too! There’s a wide range of fruit you can get a taste of, and they are all delicious! Now I will probably have to pause writing to engage in daydreaming…

  1. Do: Eat dinner at a table on the sand barefoot

Now this might be weird for people, who are used to getting all dressed up and ready for dinners, even though Taj Exotica is not one of these overly classy, pretentious islands where there is strict dress code for almost all places. But it is so pleasant! So, why not try putting on a dazzling dress and going around with no shoes on? It is actually extremely beneficial for your feet, plus I guarantee you will feel a little like an island fairy!


As you can tell from the title, this is not even all there is to be said about Taj Exotica! Part 2 will be up soon, stay tuned! Don’t forget to turn your life into a daily adventure and connect with me on Instagram!

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