Dubai, UAE: The week-long Arabian princess lifestyle

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Have you ever heard someone who lives in a rich estate, relaxes a lot, has the finest treats and cocktails, doesn’t have to work and gets to take part in whatever activities he wishes be labeled as getting to live “like an Arabian bey”? Well, after I stayed at the One & Only Royal Mirage hotel in Dubai this year, I saw the truth behind those words, since I had the chance to experience having all of the listed above!


I am the type of person that likes, when visiting a destination, to make the most of it, meaning to try many, many things the location offers. At the hotel, I could have breakfast in a really big and colorful garden, so I did that! The people at the tables around spoke quietly, so I could focus on the birds chirping and on the interesting conversation with my aunt, with whom I visited Dubai. We were excitedly planning the activities we were going to engage in that day. Such a magical morning really helped set the atmosphere and mood for the rest of day (together with the amazing smoothie shots as I call them you can see below).  I loved how I could relax by the pool with a compelling book at hand, as I often do not have time to read, a hobby of mine I feel very passionate about! One day we had a surprising visitor, too!



In Dubai, I had time for myself! I had full days to fill with whatever I wanted, without any obligations! In the afternoon, it became a tradition for me and my aunt to visit the balcony lounge for a cup of fragrant Arabian tea or coffee, accompanied by delicacies! The design of all objects around us, together with what was served, was truly beautiful to observe. In the evenings, I visited amazing bars with a friend, who lives in Dubai, to see more locals and experience the nightlife in this metropolitan city.




One day I even surprisingly witnessed a boat race in the sea in front of my hotel, which was really fun and intriguing to watch, as I hadn’t seen anything like it before. One of the best parts of the whole stay for me, though, was the opportunity I had to dress up and feel like an Arabian princess, because the hotel looked so royal (that’s why the words are in the royal color, dark purple)! No wonder “royal” is in the hotel’s name! It really gave me a chance to embody someone I cannot be on an everyday basis. At the end of the stay I filled the questionnaire to let the managers know how much I took pleasure in staying at the One & Only Royal Mirage and give feedback. Like how they shouldn’t have written “Bill was timely and accurate”, but “The bill was timely and accurate”, since… I thought Bill was an actual person and started wondering who the hell he was and what he had to be timely and accurate for! Haha!

To get back to how I started this story…let me tell you I loved living like an “Arabian bey”, or in this case princess would be the better word, even if just for a week! I hope you all get to experience this at some point, it is truly memorable!


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