Atmosphere Kanifushi, Maldives: Exploring above and below surface

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Looking at it from numerous angles, the Maldives is one of the best travel destinations for me. Visiting Atmosphere Kanifushi was splendid and with a hand on my heart I can say it was the greatest thing that I have experienced in 2016 so far. Secluded from the rest of the world and providing tranquility, but still offering some intriguing activities for the people of action, this place is seriously awesome!


The travel route was long and exhausting; the first flight was from Sofia, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey, the second one from Istanbul to the capital of the Maldives, Male, and the third one from Male to Atmosphere Kanifushi via a small plane (picture below). However, as soon as me and my family were welcomed on the jetty by what I assume were a Maldivian type of drums and the warm smiles of the staff members, the jetlag vanished. The jetty was a marvelous place to take pictures of a big part of the island with some water attractions as their base was really close to the jetty (take a look below). Even though it was not my first time at the Maldives, the wow effect upon arrival was still present. Luckily, the staff was patient enough for us to take around fifteen pictures of the lovely view. We were then escorted to the reception lounge and handed glasses of bubbly champagne and coconuts with straws so that we could drink the natural juice directly from the fruit. That’s what I call selling us on the island!


What was different on Atmosphere Kanifushi from the other three Maldivian islands I have visited is that there were bikes available for the guests. The island is very narrow, but approximately 2 km long and is perfect for riding a bicycle. The thoughtful creators of the resort made swings and small size refrigerators with refreshing drinks put in what seemed to be bird houses every couple of hundred meters. The swings enable a direct sight of the ocean and are only a few meters away from it. For the most parts of the day the palms and tropical trees rising above provide shadow there. If you, for instance, get too hot in the early afternoon and wish to go somewhere chillier, but not in the air-conditioned room, this is the ideal spot.


The bulletin delivered to the room every evening and featuring the next day’s organized excursions listed together with the weather and other interesting events about the next day was really helpful. It gave me the opportunity to think about and choose my activities for the following day, since as much as I love sunbathing and reading on my Kindle under the clear blue sky, I am a person of action and I need to take part in activities.

So, what I did was I read and asked the butler particularly about the different snorkeling sites offered daily once in the morning and in the afternoon and chose which ones to go check out. There were about 30 people on every trip of the three I went to, and no wonder as the snorkeling experience at each site was marvelous. There were plenty of corals and ocean creatures and watching them, as well as diving in the aquamarine water and seeing the amber sun rays being refracted was outstanding. The instructor that was swimming with us looked like a reliable man to count on at first, and he was, but the moment he prepared to jump from the boat in the water and ended up falling instead of jumping, his funny and chill side was unlocked.

Now what I did every single day except relax on the beach, go for a swim in the lagoon and collect clams, was visiting the bar next to the main restaurant. With delicious cocktails and shakes served, as well as music and soft couches present, the bar was ideal for an evening amusement and pleasure.

Upon departure in front of the small plane, the staff members were really kind saying their farewell wishes and expressing their gratitude that we chose that resort for our holiday. Yet, what was best is that they patiently waited for me to emotionally explain to them what a wonderful time I had and how I do not actually want to leave at all. Unfortunately, the hope I had that they would suggest an additional free stay for a couple more days and would take care of excusing me from my responsibilities at home was not fulfilled. And so I caught the first ride home, sad to go, but happily praising the opportunity that enriched me with so many exceptional memories.


Should you find yourself on the island, make sure to check out the awesome things I just told you about and again, you are welcome to share experiences and ask me anything that comes to mind!

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